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About Us

Stace Bleich is the founder of Aquariums by Design. Stace started keeping aquariums as a small child growing up in Cambridge, Ontario. When he turned 14 he got a job working in the fishroom of a local aquarium store. Over the years Stace worked his way up to store manager of a major aquarium specialty store located in Kitchener, Ontario. Stace has always had a passion for the aquarium hobby and loves the idea of creating small pieces of rivers, lakes and oceans in peoples homes or offices! Stace has extensive saltwater, freshwater, aquarium design and coral propogation experience.

After a year of servicing aquariums full time Aquariums by Design had grown to a point where it was no longer possible for just one person to service and maintain all our clients' aquariums and that's when we hired more help to maintain our clients aquariums full time. We now have 4 full time employees servicing aquariums including the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughn, Ontario. Our staff all have an extensive background in aquarium keeping and are very knowledgable, courteus and friendly! Stace's wife Jaime started working for Aquariums by Design in 2006 handling all our invoicing and office work. Jaime has also taken a keen interest in the care of all our canaries and finches that we stock all our aviaries with. Thanks to Jaime's hard work, Aquariums by Design has now started to breed our own birds!

In December of 2011 Aquariums by Design opened the doors to our first retail aquarium specialty store in Waterloo, Ontario. We are extremely proud of our new store and guarantee that it's not like any other aquarium store you've seen before!

If you want an aquatic centerpiece in your home or office, you can be sure that Aquariums by Design has the experience, knowledge and passion to make your dreams a reality!


Aquariums by Design offers design consulting for private home displays, large public aquariums and fish room design for retail stores or fish wholesale operations. We have the resources to design and facilitate any type of aquarium or aviary setup you desire. We have experience in all levels of the aquarium and aviary business. Our people have worked in retail and wholesale operations and have a high understanding of the required elements to a quality aquarium and installation design.

We can work along side your architects and interior designers to insure that your aquarium display is setup and installed correctly. Most contractors and interior designers do not understand the intricacies of building a large aquarium and the space and equipment that is required to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.

With over 20 years experience in freshwater & marine reef keeping we’ll make sure your dream aquarium or fish room system is everything you wished for and more.

Our experience will save you money.

Please contact us for details.


Return Policy:

Any product purchased from Aquariums by Design may be returned for an exchange or store credit within 30 days with original proof of purchase and products still in original packaging. Aquariums and Filters that have been filled with water cannot be returned.

If you need to return a product you have purchased please contact us before returning your products


All products from Aquariums by Design carry their respective manufactures guarantees. To return a product for warranty please contact us before sending your product. When your product arrives it will be assessed if it fits the requirements for warranty. Warranty is at the discretion of Aquariums by Design.