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Our Store

Aquariums by Design is very proud to offer what we believe to be the finest in cutomer service found in any retail pet store anywhere in Ontario!

Our new store is located in the Canadian Tire plaza at the corner of Erb St West and Ira Needles Blvd in Waterloo, Ontario. Weekdays we're open 10-9 and weekends 10-6.

Our friendly knowledgable staff will guide you from the basic first steps of your first freshwater aquarium or more advanced high end reef systems. Expert advice, great selection and competetive pricing are combined with exceptional customer service!

Our Drygoods

We offer a wide range of products for your aquariums. Everything from gravel, decorations to test kits, heaters, filters and more! We also have a large selection of high end saltwater equipment such as Protein Skimmers, LED Lighting systems, Calcium Reactors, and Dosers and more!

We carry a wide variety of hard-to-find brands including Brightwell Aquatics, Vertex Aquaristik, and ATI bulbs. We're also proud to be the very first store in Canada to carry Dr. Tim's Aquatics products, including his amazing "One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria" product and Innovative Marine.

Our Livestock

Our store has over 100 aquariums in the fishroom! We also have a large selection of saltwater fish, inverts and corals.

The first thing you'll notice when entering our fishroom is how bright and inviting it is! We decided to do the opposite of most traditional pet stores who usually make their fishrooms dark and dingy. Our fishroom is white, bright and full of life! We also carry a wide selection of Live Reptiles and Reptile Supplies!

Aquariums by Design trys to purchase as much of it's livestock from local breeders as possible and NEVER carries fish that have been dyed or painted in any way!


Bring your kids in to watch our Turtles Splash around in their 1000 Gallon Turtle Pond! We have 2 Lg. Florida Softshell Turtles along with several adult Red Ear Sliders and they are always entertaining!

Piranha Pond Piranaha Feeding


We believe there are several reasons we are different from most aquarium stores. First of all our store is bright and inviting! Our fishroom is white with dark blue backing on the tanks not dark and cave like.

When it comes to our Marine Fish we always right on our price stickers when the fish came in so you always know how long they have been in our tanks.

Our staff are friendly and helpful, we never make you feel like you’re asking a dumb question or like your bothering us, we love to help our customers! We guarantee you’ll never enter our store without a friendly greeting!

We are meticulous about our livestock. Our tanks are cleaned whether they look like they need it or not. We keep a scheduled cleaning of our tanks in the fishroom and we never skip a cleaning.

If a tank has sick fish we never sell them, they get labeled not for sale and are not sold until they are 100% healthy.

Clean, Clean, Clean! That’s how we keep our store and guess what, it doesn’t smell like a fish store. Jaime hates the smell of most fish stores and refuses to let Aquariums by Design smell that way.

Come on by and check it out for yourselves, you’ll be glad you did!

Plant Tank

Available In Store:

We carry products by MarineLand We carry products by Two Little Fishes We carry products by Razor We carry products by Brightwell Aquatics We carry products by Vertex Aquaristik We are the only store in Canada to carry Dr. Tim's One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria

We carry Omega One Natural Seafood Formula Seachem

We carry products by API

We carry products by Cobalt Aquatics

We carry products by Innovative Marine We carry products by Ecotech Marine